9 Tips to Write an Effective Sales Letter That Will Get Results - Example of Business Letter

Selling online is a great way to grow business. But it differs from selling face to face. Therefore, your words are very important; they make or break your business. Your words can relieve tour prospects doubts, convey that you are a real person and explain to your targeted market what you are selling and why.

Unless you have a great deal of experience in writing sales letter, you will need to learn how to write killer ad sales copy and headlines for your business. If you are in business for a while I'm sure you have realized the benefits of writing your own ad copy and sales letters.

There's so many ways on how you can improve your copywriting direct marketing skills. But, the best and easiest way is using example of business letter to learn from. All successful marketers have used this method. They own dozens or even hundreds of ready to use business format for writing a letter. Their libraries are full of example of business letter about every kind. When they want to write an ad copy or a sales letter they select an example of business letter pick the better business letter writing - useful phrases make some changes, stick their names and the letter is ready for instant use!

Sales letters and ads don't work by accident there is a very precise business format for writing a letter.

Here are tips on how to write an ad copy that pulls!

- Get into the mind of your readers - To write a compelling sales letter, you need to get into the minds of your readers. You should know who your customer base is, what age group, gender, income level, professional group, etc. What is their problem? What they want? What newsletter they reading? Etc.

- Use psychology - You need to use psychology and tactics to develop a better and more successful sales letter that will draw your readers to buy immediately. Your sales copy should be attractive so that your customer keep reading from the start to the end, however long it is. Some sales letters are 15 pages long, but still hold the readers attention.

- Use stories to sell - Successful direct sales letters often include a good story. The story in a direct sales letter usually show how the product or service is making life better for someone using it such as: How your product has helped someone making more money, being healthier, saving more time, getting better looking, etc.

- Use all means to make your readers feel comfortable when reading your sales letter - Trust is key when selling online. So, make sure your readers trust you and your product is absolutely the best.

- Describe your product in detail - Provide information about your product. Try to answer all anticipated questions on your sales letter. Include special features and benefits. Clarify the focus or the purpose of the product so that the reader understands completely what is being sold.

- Creating a sense of urgency so prospects can deal with their fears and make decisions - The sales letter should make the reader feel that s/he may lose a good deal, a quality product, etc... if s/he don't act right away. You can limit the number of the ecourse, ebooks, memberships or any other product you are selling. Limit the time; there may be a certain time where the product will not be for sale anymore.

- Use Testimonials to Overcome Buyers' Fears - No matter how you're marketing your business, if your claims don't have credibility, your prospects won't be influenced. Testimonials from excited customers whose lives have been changed will only guarantee sales.

- Make your order page visible and easy to use - place an order button on every page. You want your order form to be visible and the price should have a strike mark through it indicating that there was a price reduction.

- Use Bonuses and gifts to sell - If done correctly, bonuses and gifts raises perceived value and expectations; increase your prospects' desire to buy. You want to position diverse bonuses in order to hit different buyer resistance points.

All these techniques make better business letter writing and the example of business letter will guide you through the process of creating an excellent sales copy that sells your product like crazy.