Tips for Writing Business Letter

The business letter is quite different from the ones for friends. It requires you to follow the formal format so that it can help you to communicate formally and successfully with other companies. There are many key pints that you should know when you are planning to write a formal business letter. The following guides may give you some help.

Firstly, you should prepare a printed letterhead and a word processor. For informal letters, you may use the handwriting. However, you must use the word processor to make your letters formal and this can also avoid misunderstanding. Then, you need to have a letterhead of your own which add more personality. If you do not have one, you may choose to type some contact information at the top to make a simple letterhead.

Secondly, you should type the letter by following the format. You should make the date below the letterhead and there should be two to six lines between them. Then, you could decide the alignment for your text. After two lines, you may type the name, title and address. You must pay attention to type the information correctly.

The last but not least, you may start the body and try to make your purpose easier to be understood. The content depends on the issue you are going to communicate for. And you should make your description or instruction brief and concise. Like all of the letters, you should add the word like best wishes, sincerely to the end of the letter. For your signature and title, you should leave more than four lines so that there will be enough space for you to sign.